The Music of Love


The Music Of Love. This picture was take

The Music Of Love

One of the selected pictures of National Geography in 2010

This picture was taken in Tenganan Village, Bali 2010

Tenganan is the most famous Bali Aga (original Balinese) village and is located close to Candi Dasa in East Bali

A man was playing bamboo music to entertain a disabled child who is not his son, but he loves this child like he loves his own son

Photo and caption by: Ario Wibisono



 موسیقی عشق

یکی از عکس های برگزیده نشنال جئوگرافی در سال ۲۰۱۰

این عکس در دهکده “تنگانان”، در شرق بالی گرفته شده و مردی را نشان می دهد که در حال نواختن موسیقی بامبو برای یک پسر دارای معلولیت است

این پسر فرزند مرد نیست اما مرد او را همچون پسر خودش دوست دارد

عکس و شرح انگلیسی: اریو ویبیسونو

An Article on Media and Disability

I have translated an article (from English into Farsi or Persian) on media and disability that is released by Hashahri Research and Studies Center . Title of the article is: “The Role of the Media in Promoting Images of Disability- Disability as Metaphor: The Evil Crip”; and the author is “Marilyn Dahl” (University of British Columbia(.

Referring to a number of art pieces, the author claims that the disabled are represented in almost all of these works as “negative” and “abnormal” persons. She believes that media have potentiality to create a more realistic and positive character of the disabled as “normal” people.

The article is available here in English; and here in Farsi. In order to know more about Dr. Marilyn Dahl (the author) you may click on here.